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Chapter Board Duties & Responsibilities


All board members must be IMA members in good standing, with dues paid in full.


All officers and board members are elected for a period of one year and are eligible for reelection.


The board of directors may meet as often as the need arises but should meet at least once a quarter. A teleconference is also possible instead of a face-to-face meeting. A quorum of three qualified members is required for boards to conduct official chapter business.


Calls all meetings of the board.

Approves board meeting agendas and signs off on meeting minutes.

Prepares annual summary report (internal) for use by the incoming board.

Acts as chairman at meetings of the board and chapter.

Works with chapter officers and members on all administrative and chapter operation matters .

When a topic requires a vote and there is a tie, the president will have the final vote.

Authorizes all expenditures of chapter funds, upon approval of the board.

Gives specific responsibilities to directors.

Assumes overall responsibility for the fiscal year’s budget; has the authority, along with the treasurer, to sign checks and other instruments drawn against chapter funds.

Conducts the election of the chapter officers and directors and submits the elections and appointment form to the Community Relations team in Montvale.



Issue notices of board meetings.

Maintain records of board meeting attendance.

Prepare and distribute board minutes.

Cooperate with the president in preparing board meeting agendas.

Responsible for submitting Core Value and Ethics Compliance Agreement forms from all chapter officers and submit to the Community Relations team in Montvale by July 15.

The secretary initiates all other correspondence that may be requested by the president or chapter board. The chapter’s address list should not, as a rule, be made available to outside organizations.



The chapter Treasurer, as custodian of chapter funds, is responsible for financial records, reports, and all monies handled by the chapter. 

Prepares the chapter’s annual financial budget.

Deposits and withdraws chapter funds.

Presents all bills for approval by the board of directors.

Pays approved bills by check after approval by board / president.

Presents a monthly financial report to the board for inclusion with the minutes.

Annual regulatory filings, if needed.

Prepares an annual financial report (of chapter receipts and disbursements) for submission to IMA Global headquarters by the last business day in November.

Collects money on behalf of the chapter. Meal collections and payments must be included in reports of chapter receipts and disbursements.



Work with IMA’s Europe Business Development Team to identify corporate and university leads and help coordinate introduction meetings.

Review monthly chapter membership activity reports and chapter/council standings posted on the Chapter Portal.

Recommends potential new members in the area served by the chapter who can benefit from the services provided by IMA and tries to enroll them as members.

Welcomes, indoctrinates, and activates new members; maintains the interest and participation of active members; contacts past-due and terminating members to ascertain reasons and initiate remedial action.

Special projects aimed at areas of the membership activity- acquisition, induction, and retention.

Promotes student membership and productive activities.



Produces written communication to members (3 minimum + 1 directory), which may be in the form of a newsletter.

Helps make other directors aware of their duty to cooperate in providing effective communications with all members.

Tries to think of ways to increase awareness of the IMA Chapter.

Establishes and maintains chapter web site. Coordinates with other board members and IMA to insure site is appropriately linked and contains material that is current and of interest to the chapter and community.

Publicizes and promotes the CMA/CFM programs. Plans and/or promotes CMA/ CFM review courses. Arranges for awards and presentations to recipients.



Develops, plans and executes at least four (4) hours of professional education for its members. Reconfirms with speakers and provides hospitality. Plans next year’s educational programs, sees that topics and speakers, decided upon early, reflect the members’ interests, also provides a schedule of discussion meetings as comprehensive as the available resources of the chapter allow.

Plans and executes a wide range of educational projects, enabling members to share their expertise with fellow members, college groups and the business community.