Dr. Yuliya Frolova, CMA

Dr. Yuliya Frolova, CMA is Assistant Professor at KIMEP University and our new Campus Advocate there. In  2013, she was a visiting professor at the University of Northern Colorado in the US. She is also involved in the set up of the new chapter in Kazakhstan. 

How, when and why did you join IMA and become a CMA?
I started to think about becoming a CMA long time ago, in 1999, when I entered Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Planning (currently: KIMEP University) as a bachelor student. KIMEP was the first university in Kazakhstan with courses taught in English. In 1999 it just opened its first two bachelor programs – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting (BSC) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS). KIMEP administration not only ordered the best textbooks from Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and Wiley for their newly admitted students, but also invited highly-educated and experienced professors from all over the world. Many of my professors in accounting had not only PhD degrees, but  were also CMAs and CPAs. I enjoyed the studying process at KIMEP so much that I even started to dream about becoming a professor there. For me it was clear that to make my dream come true, I will have to earn bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. It was also clear that if I want to become a professor of accounting, I will have to work hard to obtain professional accounting certificates.
I was always goal-oriented and a hard-working person. In 2003, I became Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting, in 2004 – Master of Business Administration, and in 2010 – Doctor of Business Administration. Immediately after the defense of my doctorate dissertation I joined IMA. IMA offers very comfortable conditions for its members in Kazakhstan. For instance, I took all CMA exams in my native city – Almaty. I did not have to go to the United States just to sit for exams as is the case with CPA for example. It took me one full year to prepare for the exams. I cannot say that the exams were easy, but I passed them successfully and became CMA in 2011!

How has your membership and CMA certification impacted your career/life?
CMA certification impacted both my life and career a lot. I became more confident. Now I know that if I was able to pass CMA exams successfully and from the first attempt (and let me repeat that they are not easy at all), I can achieve almost any goal that I set for myself, no matter how challenging it is! One year after I became CMA, I applied for a position of Visiting Assistant Professor in US AACSB-accredited university and was accepted! Upon my return to Kazakhstan, I will start teaching at the graduate level (before I was always teaching at the undergraduate level only). I think that the CMA certificate played a significant role in all those favorable changes in my career. I’m sure it will also help me in future to achieve new career goals.

Why did you choose a global certification instead of pursuing a local one? And what have been your experiences with this certification here in Europe?
Actually the CMA certificate is my third professional certificate in the accounting field. I became Certified Accounting Practitioner in 2005. Then I became Professional Accountant and Certified Management Accountant in 2011. However, the CMA is very special for me because the exams were the most difficult and because IMA is an institute that is known globally for the high quality of its graduates. I’m sure that IMA with its CMA certification program helped, helps, and will help many professionals all over the world to make a stellar careers!

You and other dedicated CMAs in Kazakhstan are in the process of setting up a Chapter. Furthermore, you are one of IMA’s Campus Advocates.  What has been your motivation, how do you benefit from these activities? Tell us a little bit about your work.
My role as an educator at the institute of higher education is to prepare young people for their future successful careers in a business world. I can do it by teaching them in classroom, but I can also help them by advice. I honestly believe that the CMA certificate increases chances to make a stellar international career. However, many students, due to their age and limited experience, do not know much about benefits of being a CMA. My Position as a Campus Advocate allows me to speak on behalf of IMA and thus bring KIMEP students’ attention to IMA, so they can enjoy the benefits IMA offers them already as students
I’m happy and proud to serve as IMA Campus Advocate at KIMEP University. However, KIMEP is just one out of many universities in Kazakhstan. I do not think that students in other universities should miss the opportunity to learn more about IMA. There are also many young people in Kazakhstan who finished their education in universities and started their careers in business companies. They could also benefit a lot from all those opportunities that IMA offers. Even those who already became CMAs need an opportunity to network with their peers and to refresh their knowledge by obtaining NASBA-approved CPE credits. Therefore, CMAs in Kazakhstan (including myself) are in the process of setting up a Chapter.