Sebastian Braun, CMA

posted Jun 27, 2016, 6:52 AM by Imaeurope Imanet   [ updated Jun 30, 2016, 1:56 AM ]

What inspired you to become a CMA?

I am working for a finance consulting company specialized on Accounting and Corporate Performance Management. Because many of my colleagues did some post graduate finance certifications like the CPA or CFA, I also wanted to obtain an internationally recognized finance certification and prove my finance knowledge. Moreover I wanted to have new food for thoughts and challenge myself with new finance topics that were applicable to my everyday advisory business.   


Why did you choose the CMA program over other certifications?

The first time that I heard of the CMA certification was during my studies at UC Berkeley were I attended Managerial Accounting lectures. When I decided to register for a finance certification program I thought about the pros and cons of different programs. On the one hand I really liked the syllabus of the CMA program which reminded me of my time in Berkeley but on the other hand I was indecisive because the CMA certificate is not very well known in Germany. Finally I decided it was more important that the certification program was in line with my daily business and covered the subjects I was interested in. So I decided to go for the CMA certificate program.


How have these credentials helped your professional career?

The CMA exam is case study oriented and does not only ask for academic theory. So I found the CMA contents really applicable to my daily business and it expanded my finance skills due to its wide subject areas. Because of the limited preparation time for the CMA exam and preparing parallel to my job I also learned to be more focused on efficiency not only for the CMA exam but also in other areas.


How was IMA able to help you achieve your goals?

After I passed the CMA exams I decided to volunteer at IMA Germany Chapter. I like the atmosphere at IMA Germany, meeting other finance people and exchanging ideas at chapter events. I really think IMA gave me new inspiration in thinking outside the box and helped me to detect new approaches for my clients.   


Has it been easy to fulfill your annual CPE obligations?

IMA is very flexible with the recognition of CPE requirements. I can take into account my individual education training programs organized by my HR department. My company really encourages us to attempt continuous education courses. Additionally I regularly attend IMA Germany Chapter meetings where official IMA CPEs are registered. There are also regular online webinars organized by IMA which are free of charge for IMA members that do have interesting financial topics.