Message from IMA Director of European Operations

Dear IMA Member in Europe,

Welcome! I have created this site for IMA members in Europe together with Andrew Paz, IMA IT Technology Specialist, in the hopes that we can increase networking and communications between the European chapters and also IMA members in a European country where there is no IMA chapter at the moment. I believe that information on IMA events going on in Europe is of interest to all members throughout Europe, regardless of where they may be based, because there is so much fluidity among the European countries. We have members who switch between the German, Swiss, or Dutch chapters every couple of years due to job rotations or perhaps due to personal choice. It may be of interest for our members in Europe to attend events in any of the neighboring countries because perhaps they can combine the trip with a visit to a client, colleague, or family. My goal is to create an IMA network in Europe where members will feel welcomed if they drop into any of the events in any of the chapters.

I am not only an IMA employee, but a member of IMA since 2003 and a CMA since 2007. Currently, in addition to my paid employment with IMA for about 80% of my time, I also serve as a volunteer board member of IMA’s Switzerland Chapter. One of the key reasons why I founded the Swiss chapter in 2009 was to take advantage of the networking opportunities that a chapter brings. Instead of obtaining CPE alone sitting with my laptop listening to a webinar, I prefer to network with like-minded professionals at the same time. In addition, if I remember from my 13 years working as a controller, financial planning & analysis manager, etc., I found it so hard for finance professionals to take the time to make sure that they are building their professional network instead of just working overtime at their desks. Participating in a chapter event is the perfect opportunity for us to remember to “sharpen our saws” (for those of you who have read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and invest in ourselves, not just our companies! I hope that you will be able to benefit also from an IMA event happening near you and look forward to meeting you in person soon!

Kind regards,

Nina Michels-Kim, CMA

Director of European Operations