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Student Workshop 2013





May 7-8, 2013



Students studying management accounting and preparing to take the CMA exams from Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland were invited to attend. Each university could nominate two students as places were limited and we wanted to achieve intense discussions in a small group setting.

Students arrived during the afternoon of May 7. IMA Europe organized a plant tour later in the afternoon, followed by a workshop dinner. On May 8, there were various lectures, workshops, and discussions, led by people with diverse backgrounds: professors, alumni, and professionals.

The workshop dinner and overnight stay were sponsored by IMA Europe!
Students were solely responsible for their traveling costs.

The exact program and additional information can be found below. 

Many thanks to PWC for sponsoring the room!

You can see the full program below!


Post Event Evaluation Report

The workshop was held at the beginning of May, and we were really pleased to have more students attending than the 10 we expected. In the end, we had 17 students attending, with at least five more students who had planned to come but had to cancel at short notice.

Please see the attached PDF for a detailed program. In short, we were pleased to get a wide variety of speakers for the event. Simon Pfister, lic. oec.HSG, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller, from the University of St. Gallen, Dr. Raef Lawson talking about the research conducted by IMA, as well as speakers from PWC and Johnson &Johnson, Credit Suisse and Zurich insurance. We could also increase our contact with PWC Switzerland, as they offered to provide one of their meeting rooms for the sessions on Wednesday.

Our information session on IMA and the CMA was successful, as ¾ of the students were not familiar with our company and programs. Five students signed up for the CMA scholarship program after the event, as well as reporting back to their professors (for example, Webster Geneva) enthusiastically, who in return are more interested in working with us (three professors have already signed up to become Campus Advocates). At least three students plan a doctoral degree, and were very interested in being informed on IMA activities, grants, and support in this area. If they stay at their respective universities, they might be good ambassadors for IMA and the CMA.

Furthermore, there is one student (University of St. Gallen) who plans to create a student chapter. And last but not least, we received a variety of input on how to best reach out to students, and get them interested in IMA and CMA.

Last but not least, all students voiced huge interest in events such as this workshop because the events offer both an opportunity to network with other students (both internationally and on a national level), as well as gain insight into their future work environment. This positive input is encouraging and IMA Europe will explore a possible continuation of this workshop, maybe in different European countries annually or biannually.

Imaeurope Imanet,
Apr 29, 2013, 1:43 AM